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February indicates the end of the winter season and the weather is snowy in especially northern parts of the State. Not as statistically chilly as January, February is nonetheless cold. A sunny subzero day in February nearly guarantees bone-chilling, cold weather whereas a gray, cloudy day tends to announce a "warmer" outdoor experience complemented by snowfall. Yet, it is not an obstacle for many Americans spend their time in sociable and upbeat way. There are plenty of events during the month of February, including the Mount Dora Art Festival, Silver Spur's Rodeo, Central Florida Fair and Plant City's ever popular Strawberry Festival.

February 2018 events in USA include the usual lineup of festivals, concerts, shows et al, but also a few special events for Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day weekend often sees burlesque shows, chocolate or wine tastings, cooking classes or the like kick up a notch. The good thing about Valentine’s scene is that it’s not centered around couples only. In a country with so many singles, most special events welcome singles too. If you would like to keep up with those special events, you better use the printable calendar which is the easiest way of remembering your special events. Dont forget to check out March 2018

February 2018 Calendar

February 2018 Calendar

February 2018 Calendar Templates

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