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The weather is typically already hot and there are fewer outdoor events comparing the month of April. On this time of year most of the Americans heading off to cooler parts. At the same time, most schools close for summer vacation during May, so more events are kid- oriented. You can still find events in May, both outside and indoors, to entertain you, your friends and your family. May is not only a signifier of warmer days but also the indicator of more festivals pop onto the events calendar.

There are tons of special events and festivals in May across the country which is fun for just about anyone such as families, couples, groups of friends, etc. May 2018 is a beautiful month in US, with Mother's Day, Memorial Day, festivals, sporting events and more. The month of May features warmer spring temperatures, with lower travel prices and smaller crowds than visitors will find during the summer in most of the states. Thus, most of the places are alive and blooming during May. In order to catch those upbeat events please download the personalized printable calendar. So that, you can easily track special events of yours or your family/friends. What about next month? Let's check out June 2018 Calendar!

May 2018 Calendar

May 2018 Calendar

May 2018 Calendar Templates

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